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韓国で絶大な支持を受けているグラフィティチーム「J&J CREW」とのコラボレーションが実現!!

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まずはここをチェック!! (ハングル文字ですが...)
J&J CREW official website

JNJCREW is a graffiti duo consisting JayFLow and Artime Joe.
They are part of international crew, 'Stick up Kids' and 'Seoul Mates'
and they also active internationally in exhibitions and so on.
2001 JNJ CREW 結成

2002 NIKE & MTV 主催 hiphoop Graffitti 大會 painting

2003 大會 入賞
MBC ミュージック Drunken Tiger舞臺 painting
Yoon Do Hyun Band 6集 [YB] STREAM logo design
M.NET Graffiti Artshow live painting

2004 MBC ミュージックCamp AsotoUnion舞臺 painting
KBS 77周年 'SeoTaiji Big Concert 交感' 舞臺 painting
VIDAK 2004 Korea 視覺Design Festival painting
Brown Eyed Soul コンサート舞臺 painting
Exhibition in style cube Zandari
SeoTaiji Company 2004 Mania festival 招請展示

2005 KT&G THIS PLUS 誌面廣告 design
PALOALTO 1 booklet design
SeoTaiji Company 2005Mania festiva graffiti performance
Design House < > 太極旗 Project
MLB strike CO-OP project design
2005 B-BOY PARK artist live
2005 Seoul Design Festival live painting
MTV 9 strikers_most wanted 出演

2006 NIKE magazine canvas artwork
the Quiett 2nd album booklet design
NIKE campaign graphic design
BUZRUN snowboard design
SICAF 2006 painting
Bazaar project graphic design
KTF magic wings basketball home ground graphic design
07 S/S SFAA Seoul Collection LEE JU YOUNG painting

2007 BIGBANG 1st album design
homepage skin/intro design
USA 30 world artist Exhibition
NIKE <1LOVE> festival live painting
2007 B-BOY PARK artist live
R-16 Korea Sparkling Seoul live painting
EVOLUTION world b-boy battle homepage design

2008 Exhibition in
LeeSSang M/V Champion live painting
NIKE gallery artwork
DJ JUICE 1st album booklet design
R-16 Korea Sparkling 2008 live painting
ELEMENTREE SHOWCASE digital live painting
63 Sky Art Exhibition Seoul
江村驛 graffiti festival
Exhibition in Aa gallery
水原 和成文化際 live painting
Visit Incheon 2009 審査
Snickers Big3 Concert graphic design

2009 Exhibition in 聲曲美術館
Exhibition in Samwon Paper gallery
Volcom Exhibition
TWD Exhibition in
Seoulmates 2009 Graffiti Tour in Europe
Festival Painting in Merane. Germany
Graffiti Festival in Antwerp. Belgium
Live Painting in Wuhan. China
Exhibition in Tokyo. Japan

2010 LG CYON B-Boy Champion Ship Backwall Artwork
Honeyfamily booklet design
Adidas 'Celebrate Originality'in China
Shanghai Expo German Hiphop Prpject Guest in China


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